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Bathroom Renovations Townsville

Bathroom Renovations Townsville

a bathroom with a shower and a sink

If you’re here there’s a good chance that you’re already thinking about renovating your bathroom. To start off we wanted to let you know that you’re making a smart decision. Few home renovation projects are going to have such an impact on your daily life as a bathroom renovation. It’s a room that you’re going to use on a daily basis. Why not make the area as comfortable as possible? Our goal here is to be able to help you do exactly that!

About Us

One of the questions that we get asked by potential clients and even friends has to do with why we are a company that’s fully dedicated to bathrooms. Our answer is usually something along the lines of us, it’s the most complex room in the house. We truly believe that because you’re dealing with water sources and sewage, in some situations we have to look out for your gas installation as well. We do all that while trying to create unique designs that people can truly enjoy. As you can imagine we’re a very diverse group here who all work together for a common goal.

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    Our Services

    Bathroom renovations can be extremely complex. We’ve worked on projects where people want to remove existing fixtures and completely rearrange what the room is going to look like. Let’s say that you want your toilet area and your shower to switch places. We’ll need to be able to accommodate the necessary plumbing updates to make that happen. This usually means we’re going to go through a longer renovation process. However, you won’t need to call on other professionals to handle each part of the project. We can create the design of the new bathroom and execute it to perfection.

    a bathroom with two sinks and a mirror
    En Suites

    En-suites can be a great way to use up all of the space that you have in a room. A lot of times, you “give up” space in that small corridor that runs from the main room to the bathroom. If you eliminate that area which is basically what an en suite design suggests, you’ll have more useful space both in the bedroom and the bathroom. If you want to add, for example, a larger bathtub to your bathroom, this may be the first step that you’re going to need to take.

    a modern bathroom with a plant
    Bathroom Designs

    When facing issues with your home forced air systems, then getting the right professional hands on the job will bring you the quickest means of correcting these issues, and getting back on with enjoying your environment. We bring you a highly experienced repair service that is dedicated to ensuring that you have the quickest means possible to getting the results you need. No matter the time of day or night, Miami Heating and Cooling Pros is always on the job when it comes to home HVAC repair.

    I had to upgrade my bathroom to accommodate my father’s disability. These guys created a great plan and were able to deliver the finished project extremely quickly. My hat goes off to them! Tim F.

    a bathroom with a sink and a tub
    ​Fixtures & Fittings

    Speaking of the large bathtub that you may want to add to your bathroom. Many people come to us because they want to upgrade their fixtures. We do feel that it’s a great place to start a renovation. As we’ve mentioned, sometimes this idea to add a larger shower or whatever it may be will dictate the rest of the design that we’ll be able to create for you. If you’ve got your ruler out and it doesn’t seem like new fixtures are going to be an option for you, give us a call or contact us. There may be quite a few things that we’ll be able to do to help!

    a white bath tub in a bathroom with grey tiles
    Tiling & Flooring

    Are tile floors still a good option for bathrooms? The short answer is yes: tile floors are still going to be one of the most durable options for bathrooms. Now, we do understand why some people are shying away from tiles. There’s this sense that they make an area look old. That comes down to the type of tiles that you choose to apply to the bathroom, though. We can help you find designs that are going to match the look and feel that you want for the bathroom. That way, you can have the durability of tile floors with a modern look.

    It all started with the idea of adding a new tub to the bathroom that was a little larger than usual. This idea led to a major renovation, and we couldn’t be happier! - Grace W.

    a bathroom with a toilet and a walk in shower
    Accessible Bathroom Upgrades

    If you want to make a bathroom more accessible, you can just add extra support on the walls for people to hang onto when they’re in the shower. We’ll need to widen doors, and we also need to make sure that floors are not overly slippery if the toilet area is too small, that needs to be redesigned as well. Bathrooms can be accessible and stylish at the same time; you just need the right minds on the job.

    a bathroom with a washing machine

    There are plenty of upgrades that can be applied to laundry rooms that could benefit your experience in these areas. Most people are spending more time in their laundry room than they bargained for. The least they can do is make sure they improve the living conditions in the area. We can start with better ventilation or maybe even space for another washing machine. Maybe that can help you spend less time in this room!

    Staying in the laundry room is now bearable! I truly appreciate the work that these lads put in; thank you! - Stewart I.

    Call Us Today

    You’ve probably been able to get a decent idea of what we can bring to the table for you. Give us a call or contact us if you have questions about our services. We love getting a chance to talk with people who have some big ideas that we may be able to turn into a reality. If you want help with any of these services, be sure to make that first call!