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sink and mirror located near flush toilet

Our focus is on bathroom renovations, but there are plenty of unique elements that go into any decent renovation project. Maybe you’re not thinking about uprooting your existing bathroom setup to go ahead and create something new in its place. However, you could be looking to upgrade your shower. There are a lot of things that can go into a seemingly small project like that. You’ll need to set up a new shower head for starters. Maybe you’re also looking to extend the area to have more space within the shower. That’s actually not something that may be too complex. Particularly if the entire bathroom has the same tile floors as the shower area. Remove the existing doors which serve as barriers and place them further out. We can help you with this and much more!

We’re going to provide you with a list of services at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind that you’re going to be able to combine some of the services listed below. We could, for example, design a new bathroom that’s going to include different fixtures than the ones that you have now. The project would then essentially feature at least two of the main services that we provide. In reality, this list is meant to give you an idea of the type of projects that we’re going to be able to help you with. This is the aforementioned list of the main services that we offer!

  • En Suites
  • Bathroom Designs
  • Fixtures & Fittings
  • Tiling & Flooring
  • Accessible Bathroom Upgrades
  • Laundry
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