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Accessible Bathroom Upgrades

a bathroom with a shower and a sink and mirror

Creating an accessible bathroom can seem like a daunting task, especially if the original design is a bit too small. When creating a truly accessible bathroom, you’re going to want to have everything be as spacious as possible. An accessible bathroom isn’t just a shower with a couple of bars in there so that people can hold onto them. If you have a slippery tub, that’s probably going to need to go. Here are some of the things that we usually add to make bathrooms accessible. We also want to get a chance to talk about how we complete this process.

Do You Have Specific Things You Want Us to Do?

This is the first question that we want to ask when someone calls about accessible bathroom upgrades. There are situations where doctors could make recommendations when it comes to the amount of space that a person needs. These ideas may not come from doctors but the nurses and the people who help others with mobility shower. If there are specific requirements that we need to meet, that’s certainly something that we want to have down from the word go.

The Upgrade May Need to Start Outside the Bathroom

A lot of people don’t think about this and then realize how important it could turn out to be. The bathroom itself can be spacious and have a lot of elements that help the person feel comfortable. What happens if they have to get a wheelchair through a small door? This particular issue can make all bathroom activities a major hassle in spite of the upgrades on the inside. We’ve seen these situations play out, and that’s why we always say that these renovations need to start from the outside in. We can help with that as well, by the way!

How Long Do These Projects Take?

Is Upgrading the Floors a Good Idea?

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