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Bathroom Designs

a bathroom with white tiles

There are usually two types of people that come to us for our bathroom design services. The first type of person saw something that they liked online, and wants to know if we can replicate that in their bathroom. There’s another type of client, of course, and that one just wants to add specific fixtures to their existing bathroom, and they come to us to see how we can work things out. Many times, our job in creating unique designs is meeting them in the middle, and providing what they are lacking. If you want to add a unique fixture, we may need to see what fits well around it. People who have a set idea need to have that idea grounded in the space that they have available.

What We’ve Done In The Past

Do you want to know a bit more about some of the projects that we’ve done in the past? If so, make sure to contact us. We can send you some of the designs that we’ve been able to execute over the years. A lot of companies want to hide some of their ideas so that competitors won’t contact us to just copy them. We don’t have those fears. Contact us, and we can send you some ideas.

Creating More Space

An issue that we deal with frequently in these designs is the lack of space. People come to us wanting us to install a massive new tub. It just won’t be able to fit in that bathroom with a shower and a toilet. There are ways, though, to be able to create more space, and that’s something that we’re going to strive to do. If you think that you don’t have enough to fit the new tub, you may be right. There are still things that we can move around to make it work.

Adding Unique Fixtures

One of the main reasons why people look into bathroom renovations is because they want to upgrade a particular fixture in their bathroom. Let’s say that you want to have a larger shower area that you can actually fit comfortably in. That’s something that we can plan around. A lot of times, we craft a lot of these designs around specific fixtures that people want to add to their bathrooms. Bathtubs are a very common element that people want to add and that we can essentially workaround in many cases.

Everything Has to be Approved Before We Get Started

We’ve found that when there’s a good design in place, which is essentially the blueprint for the project, and we’re able to follow that plan, things work out better in the end. That’s why we are very inclined to make sure that all parties approve the plan before we start working on anything. There can be certain adjustments on the fly if things don’t work out exactly like they were drawn up. For the most part, though we like to stick to the plan, it works out better.

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