Fixtures & Fittings

At Pro Bathrooms Townsville, we believe that the right fixtures and fittings can turn a mere drip into a stunning splash in your bathroom renovation.

Fixtures & Fittings

Enhance your bathroom's functionality and style.

Choosing Pro Bathrooms Townsville means partnering with a leader in bathroom design and renovation, dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our team of experts uses only the highest quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure your bathroom not only looks fantastic but also functions flawlessly for years to come.





How Our Renovators Can Help

Discover the power of perfect fittings; we'll guide you the broad range of fixtures that's sure to impress.

With our commitment to a customised service and attention to detail, we strive to ensure that each project reflects the unique preferences and needs of our clients.

Choosing Practical Solutions

In the fixtures and fittings phase, we focus on ensuring that each component not only looks good but also enhances the overall functionality of your bathroom. This means considering ergonomic designs for fixtures like showers and taps, and selecting toilets and bidets that offer comfort without compromising on style or water efficiency.

Durability and Quality

It's vital to select fixtures and fittings that are built to last, considering the humid and wet conditions of a bathroom. We source high-quality materials known for their durability and resistance to wear, ensuring that your investment remains in top condition over time. Additionally, the choice of such materials helps maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your bathroom with minimal effort.

Creating a Harmonious Design

The visual aspects of your bathroom are significantly enhanced by the fixtures and fittings selected. This section involves choosing items that not only match the style and color scheme of your bathroom but also complement the tiling work. Tiling, whether on floors or walls, plays a critical role in setting the tone of your bathroom's design, so we ensure that all fixtures and fittings harmonize beautifully with your chosen tiles.

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